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1,000s of More Houses and Numerous Commercial Units!




In it’s final session, the Harford Council voted to pave the way for ramped up development, which includes 3,249 homes, 64 commercial units and 481 industrial acres!       ( clickhere)

I love the scenic beauty of Harford County and how it adds to our quality of life. However, if the continuation of --- negligent, reckless, irresponsible --- decisions by Harford County’s elected officials is not stopped, our community will become another overly built, traffic-congested nightmare.

More development costs taxpayers more money because of the infrastructure needed to support it. Think tax increases.

I don't want that to happen and that's why I'm running for County Council, District C.

We need to stop rubber stamping deals for large donors and special interests and put the community first. It’s time to get rid of the entrenched “Good Ole Boy’s Club.”

Vote Nov. 6th and help me save our quality of life. Early voting starts Oct 25th.

Authorization, Friends of Karen Kukurin, Treasurer Rita Scharmann

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