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At last Tuesday’s meeting, Council President Richard Slutzky spoke at some length about global warming, saying it is inevitable and fueled largely by fake news. His words were disappointing since the County is currently developing a Green Infrastructure Plan --- which I contributed to recently --- to provide climate change resiliency that includes coastal defense, and critical infrastructure protection. The council will be voting on this plan in the fall.

As former Deputy Director for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I worked for years on passing the Global Warming Solutions Act, the first program in the country to take a comprehensive approach to addressing climate change that aims to improve the environment, while maintaining a robust economy.

Contradicting at least 3,000 or 97% of experts in the field, including those from NASA, the Pentagon and the American Medical Association, Mr. Slutzky claimed he had found scientists on the Internet that are highly regarded and that refuted global warming. A quick search showed that at least one of the people he cited had worked for the oil industry. Another expert climate denier had been denounced by MIT, the institution he purported to represent. People have dedicated their lives to studying global warming, yet after a few hours on the Internet, Mr. Slutsky has become an expert.

Mr. Slutzky’s argument that carbon dioxide is not harmful to the planet is also wrong. The real science and not the propaganda from big oil, tells us that deforestation and human production of carbon dioxide are principle contributors to climate change. His cherry picking of facts is a perfect example of fake news.
I have a question to climate deniers: If you were going to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and 97% of the world’s top engineers predicted it would collapse, if you crossed over, and 3% said it wouldn’t, would you cross the bridge?

Accepting fake news and ignoring the science, Mr. Slutsky says we should DENY the science and cross the bridge.

I would ask Mr. Slutszky to reconsider his position and to make an amendment to the record.

Full disclosure. I am a candidate for the county council, however, as someone, who has worked on protecting the environment and who is concerned about Harford County’s future, I would be here regardless.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Authorization, Friends of Karen Kukurin, Treasurer Rita Scharmann

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