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Karen Kukurin officially launched her campaign for Harford County Council, District C, Sunday with a fund raiser at the Bel Air home of Joanna and Gary Ambridge.

Veteran Campaign Manager George Harrison told guests that people don’t realize the large percentage of registered Democrats there are in the region. “They are now energized and are ready to change the ways things are done in Harford County and with Karen Kukurin they now have a reason to vote.”

Addressing the crowd, Karen said, It’s time for elected officials to put people over politics, “That’s their job and that’s what I will do, not spend time trying to appease the Administration”

She expressed her concern over Harford County becoming another Los Angeles. “My husband and I had planned to move back to Towson, where he had previously worked on air at WMAR-TV, but we were shocked the town had turned into a concrete jungle. I’m beginning to see haphazard development creeping into Harford County and it concerns me.”

“The Council wanted to abdicate their responsibility to oversee zoning, one of their primary responsibilities,” she said. “Are they acting with the best interest of Harford County in mind?”

I’m fiscally responsible, but not conservatively stupid, she said. I’ve repeatedly seen how elected officials boast about saving taxpayers money by not investing in programs, which down the road cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars more. If you did this in business you’d be fired.”

Karen said she had recently participated in a workshop for the development of the Green Infrastructure Plan for the county, but expressed her dismay at the attitude of the current council regarding climate change. “The council president not only denies science, but gets his facts from sources paid to push the denier view and the rest of the council goes along with it. This is how they run the County?” Actions like this violate the public’s trust, and that’s why we need someone on the council, who is forward thinking and has a fresh perspective to lead the County into the future, and that person is me.”

Take a stand and help invest in your community by joining my campaign. You can volunteer or contribute by going to the tabs on this website’s home page. Keep informed by liking and following my Facebook page: Karen Kukurin for Harford County Council C.

Authorization, Friends of Karen Kukurin, Treasurer Rita Scharmann

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