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Keynote speaker was Bill Leah, director of Maryland Environmental Trust, and afterwards I compared notes with him on the status and challenges we both have faced over the years to protect treasured landscapes and natural resources.


Preserving Harford’s rural beauty, that’s what the Harford Land Trust’s mission is and that’s why I’m a member.

I attended its 26th Annual Membership Meeting held on the Galbreath family farm in a renovated historic barn turned into the Falling Branch Brewery. The organization had many proud accomplishments to report, including permanently preserving the 104 acre Otter Creek Woods in Edgewood and securing funds to purchase the Perryman Forest. In celebration of the past year's achievements, the brewery introduced a new ale called "Preservation" and handed out keepsake glasses with the HLT logo on them.

Since my college days at Penn State, I have been concerned about our environment and have worked to protect and defend it with some programs that had national and international impact. That is one of the reasons I’m running for the District C seat of the Harford County Council.

I love this County and I moved here because of its idyllic charm of rolling green hills, towering trees, the miles of cornfields, and the rushing waters of creeks and rivers. However, I have started to see encroaching development that’s not planned and doesn’t respect our way of life. Zoning and land use development is the purview of the County Council. Once the damage is done, it’s expensive, if not impossible to reverse. We cannot stop economic development, nor should we, but we can control the way it arrives.

I put People over Politics. The environment needs a friend on the County Council, and that friend is Me.

Take a stand and help invest in your community by joining my campaign. You can volunteer or contribute by going to the tabs on this website’s home page. Keep informed by liking and following my Facebook page: Karen Kukurin for Harford County Council C.

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