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Well, it's over. For those of you who haven't seen the preliminary numbers, we pulled in 35.30% of the vote to my opponent’s 64.56%. Simply put, Harford County has spoken. For now.

For me the loss at the polls was offset by all that I gained through the experience of running. All of you who supported me and will now remain my friends. All of you from TWW, who stood as the dawn of a new day for Harford County Democrats, many of whom had simply given up all hope of even putting a campaign together. We now know that we can pull campaigns together by moving forward together and with a record number of women entering the Congress, we will.

This isn't the end, it's a new beginning. Hey! We recaptured the House, and there is still much work to be done promoting a progressive rather than a regressive agenda! The one Democrat who did succeed in getting on the county council, Andre Johnson, will need all the support we can continue to muster. He's going to have a tough job, being the lone Dem on the Council.

None of what I was able to do would have happened without you. Some of you made cash donations. Others offered your homes for events. And still others were generous with their emotional support.

A very special thank you to my campaign manager, George Harrison and my treasurer, Rita Scharmann. Thanks to Gary and Larry for running around putting up signs. Thank you JoAnna and Bonnie, for the use of your homes, and last but not least, thank you for all the canvassing you did. We certainly met a lot of wonderful people.

The future beckons, DJT is still in the White House and 2020 is just around the corner. There is work to be done and winners never quit! The face of the nation and of Harford County will continue to change. Let's do all we can together, to make that change one of hope, prosperity and courage.

My very best to you all,

Authorization, Friends of Karen Kukurin, Treasurer Rita Scharmann

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